What is M-Think?

M-Think helps organisations share and find relevant information about people with multiple and complex needs who use their services. Accessing the database is a quick and safe process done via designated members of staff within your service.

What information is stored?

M-Think stores:

  • basic information about a person and how their needs can be met
  • a support plan or action plan
  • details of the support services the person accesses.

How can I sign up to M-Think?

If you think a staff member of your organisation would benefit from accessing M-Think you can contact us at ICM@shelter.org.uk or give us a call on 0344 515 1594.

To access M-Think, users must sign our Staff Agreement, which is an Information Sharing Protocol (ISP). This outlines our processes for:

  • accessing M-Think
  • use and sharing of information
  • data security
  • consent processes and clients’ rights
  • dealing with breaches of the agreement