Providing face-to-face support to those who need it most

ICM’s hub in Manchester’s Swan Buildings is central to our work helping people with multiple and complex needs.

It’s where you’ll find our Shelter-led engagement team – which manages support programmes, deals with referrals to third-party services, and keeps track of our clients' journeys towards recovery.

Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring allows volunteers with lived experience of multiple and complex needs to help people with similar backgrounds.

Delivered by Community-Led Initiatives, our scheme gives participants the chance to build trusting and supportive relationships. This in turn allows them to build on their communication and personal skills, and to make positive changes to their life and community.


Self Help Services (Big Life) deliver counselling services to clients who are struggling with mental health issues.

Education, training and employment

As part of our recovery programme, we create rewarding work and training opportunities that allow people to grow and develop. This is delivered by Back on Track.

Other key parts of our programme include:

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